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What are your age requirements?

Children 12 and older are welcome in our classes but must be accompanied by an adult. Some of the music played in our classes (mainly BodyCOMBAT and BodyPUMP) may not be appropriate for young ears as well as some of the content.  We like to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. There will be, on occasion, adult language and sexual innuendo specifically in BodyCOMBAT and SH’BAM. (Who am I kidding, it will be on every occasion.)

Do you have childcare?

YES! As long as you are in the studio, you are welcome to bring your children who are 3-years old and older. We have a designinated area where  children can play, color, read, be occupied with mobile devices, watch a program on Netflix, work on homework, etc. Spots are limited so please email two hours prior to class to reserve a spot.

Are there beginner classes?

All of our programs are self-regulating, meaning there are options for every move so it works for everyone. There aren’t beginner, intermediate, or advance classes specifically. Our instructors show you what all the options are so you’re not guessing what you should be doing. There’s a move that accommodates the beginning exerciser to the elite athlete. You will find all fitness levels, body shapes and sizes and ages here. Periodically we offer technique classes to help improve your form and move execution.

What if I am new to group fitness? What classes should I start with?

BodyPUMP, BodyFLOW, and SH’BAM are all great options! CXWORX is a quick 30 min revolutionary core class that will get you that desired 6-pack. BodyATTACK has heaps of options and is very easy to follow. BodySTEP also has a ton of options and can be done without a step at all. BodyCOMBAT is for people with moderate fitness levels. The moves are simple and you do not need to be especially coordinated.

Do I need to sign up for classes every time?

Yes, it is required for all classes. You can easily do this with the KORU smartphone app available for Android, iPhone and iPad! If there is nobody signed up for the class, it will be cancelled.

What should I bring?

  • A water bottle and towel for every class. There are drinking fountains in the studio and cubbies to store your personal belongings. We do not have lockers.
  • BodyFLOW- Bring a yoga mat if you have one. We have a limited supply on a first come first serve basis.
  • Other classes do not require equipment or the studio provides it.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

  • BodyPUMP, BodyCOMBAT, BodyATTACK, and BodySTEP and CXWORX wear cross trainers.
  • BodyFLOW you are barefoot.
  • SH’BAM wear shoes with minimal tread like Nike Dunks or Reebok Dance.
  • Check out the blog for what our instructors like to wear!

What clothes should I wear?

  • BodyPUMP, BodySTEP, BodyATTACK wear shorts and a comfortable tank top or t-shirt.
  • BodyCOMBAT wear longer shorts for kicking.
  • CXWORX wear longer shorts, yoga pants or capri pants.
  • BodyFLOW wear yoga pants and form fitting top.

What is your severe winter weather policy?

In the case of severe winter weather, and there are school closings due to dangerous travel conditions, we may be closed. Every effort will be made to get the word out via email, mobile text, Facebook and on our website.

Do you offer insurance reimbursement?

Yes, we do! Currently we offer insurance reimbursement for HealthPartners, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, Regency Managed Properties, South Country Health Alliance, UCare, Vitality, and PreferredOne. We are consistently trying to work with other agencies to bring you more options. You can pick up a form at the front desk.

What is a Launch?

Every 3 months each program is refreshed with new music and choreography. We try to a big unveiling of the new releases by having a Launch event. There are often times door prizes, give aways, refreshments, snacks and of course a whole team of instructors teaching! It is a very fun and energetic event that you don’t want to miss! Our goal is to find a charitable cause to team up with to make them not only fun, but beneficial to our community. Launches happen every quarter.

What are your prices?

Please email Nicole for pricing information at