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Don't just take our word for it! Many people have had success at Koru Fitness. Here are what our participants are saying about our social fitness facility in Ramsey.

“I absolutely love Koru. The instructors and members are the best.”


“I absolutely LOVE Koru Fitness!! So much has changed in just the short month I’ve been going here. Come check it out, it’s so much FUN!!!”

Courtney M.

“This place provides results!”

Lora S.

“I love this place. The workouts are so much fun! And the instructors are great! Highly recommend!”


“Congratulations on having reached full year at Koru! I cannot say enough how truly wonderful I think this place is…from the camaraderie with other members, to amazing instructors and a really fun time working out hard…there is no place like it. Launch day Saturday was a ton of fun. Thanks for all you do for us! One Tr1be Strong!”


“Koru Fitness, Inc. truly is an amazing place! I joined in May and it has changed my life!! I have lost 25 lbs. and over 10 inches and have improved my overall health. They are not just a gym, they are a supportive team that helps guide you through your nutrition and fitness journey to a healthier you.”

Jolene E.

“Great place and even better my other family. Come and give a class a try, I will do it with you. Come check out the place that has transformed my life!”

Michelle L.

“This truly is an amazing place!! Nicole and all the staff are so welcoming and make it such a great environment! They really care about their members and it feels like family!!”

Melissa W.

“I really love it at KORU!!! The instructors are great and very encouraging not to mention the members. Everyone is so friendly.”


“I love Koru. It is addicting, my happy place, great instructors, good people, proud to be in the TRIBE!”


“Thank you for making working out again not scary but fun!”


“I loved it!!! Every time I leave there I am still smiling, sweaty but still smiling!! You ladies ROCK!!!”


“Thank you so much for opening Koru! I have finally found something that I love doing – thank you!!”


“Awesome BodyATTACK today! You Rock! Love the attitude and enthusiasm!”


“I made it through!!  After like the first 15 minutes I was like holy cow, I need to make it through and I did!  I’m so happy!! It was awesome!!  I really like it!”

Pauly on BodyCOMBAT

“A man came up to me this past weekend and said, ” you have very nice legs!” I thought to myself….THANK YOU to Koru Fitness!!!”


“Koru has changed my life in more ways than one. I have lost the pounds and inches but what I have gained is so much more rewarding… confidence, friends, and strength, that I thought I would never have.”


“Thank you Koru Fitness for kicking my butt for the last 30 days and helping me fit into jeans today that I haven’t fit into for a couple years!! You were exactly what I needed to jump start 2013.”


“Thanks for the fun Pump class today! I love feeling strong!”

Jodi on BodyPUMP

“Enjoy seeing my friends at Koru – getting in shape together is fun!“


“Just wanted you to know that I think the arm movements in Step are awesome! They keep exercising fresh and entertaining. I actually enjoyed BodyStep and will come back for more! Which is crazy given the fact that I am so uncoordinated. I also think Koru is THE best fitness studio ever! Your enthusiasm and instructors ROCK! I am so glad I made the commitment to make Koru my workout spot. Just sayin… Thanks for the kick ass workouts!”


“6 months ago today I walked into Koru Fitness with the full intention of just doing the 10 classes my mom got me and being done(thanks mom for getting me involved). Well that most certainly didn’t happen after the first class I took (bodyPump) I was hooked. I am so glad I stayed and couldn’t be more happy. I haven’t had so much fun working out in my whole life. The changes in me are most definitely hard to get use too but they are all changes for the better and I am not going to look back! So now I just need to say a Giant THANK YOU to Nicole Nereson Kutches and Chloe LaMar who are the instructors and now friends that are really the whole reason why I come as much as I do. You two inspire me so much and I couldn’t be more grateful for the things you guys do. So thanks again and you will be stuck with me for a long time!”